A question we're often asked is "when should I file for a patent?"  As you might expect, the answer is... "it depends."  On the one hand, it's important to file with the US Patent & Trademark Office as soon as possible.  It really is possible for two people to invent the same product at about the same time.  So getting your application on file first is very important.  On the other hand, savvy product creators have learned that valuable improvements to new products are often discovered during the prototyping process.  Waiting until after the prototyping process allows you to incorporate these new features in the initial patent filing, which is likely more cost effective than filing a second patent to incorporate the newly discovered features.  There are many other considerations that go into deciding when to file.  We can discuss those points with you at our initial consultation.  

Additionally, your patent attorney should be best equipped to give you advice on when to file.

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While that BIG idea is a great starting point, protecting your intellectual property (IP) rights as you progress through the development process is equally important.  One of the ways to protect your IP is to execute a confidentiallity agreement (NDA) with parties you plan to share information with. We have seen agreements that are confusing, and this is not good.  Agreements should be clear and understandable.  Several points should be covered in these agreements, and here's a couple to look for:   1. The receiving party will not disclose, and will protect, your information from disclosure to any 3rd party.  2. The receiving party will not use your information for any purpose other than to facilitate a business relationship with you.  There are other points to cover, and we believe our sample agreement covers these pretty well.   Give us a call and we can send our NDA to you for review.      

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Acuere Technologies would be pleased to sit down and discuss your product idea.   Understanding your vision for the product will enable us to consider various patent strategies.  At this consultation, we can take some time to define the important product requirements.  Using this information, Acuere will prepare a draft proposal for services that will include a cost estimate.  So give us a call and we'll set up a meeting to discuss how we can work together to bring your new invention to life.