successful design projects

Clearly defining our customer's needs or product requirements is the first step towards executing a successful design project.  Sometime, clients have a full understanding of their product 's requirements.  If that's not the case, Acuere can help with this important first step.  How a product will be manufactured, assembled, and shipped, are important factors to be considered early in the design process.  The environmental exposure is another important consideration.  Equipped with a full understanding of the requirements, we then combine

our creativity and skill, with your vision, to deliver an elegant and effective design solution. 

material selection
3d modeling & virtual prototyping

Selecting the right material for your application can be one of the most important design decisions made.  We have years of experience working wth materials including steel, aluminum, thermoplastics, thermosetting polymers, non-ferrous metals, special alloys, and more.  Let us put our materials expertise to work for you.

mechanical design

The advancement of 3d modeling software has revolutionized the design process.  Not only has it allowed designers the ability to create parts in 3d space on their computers, but it has allowed them to assemble these parts together, and to look for interferences or other problems before the first part is ever made.  This virtual prototyping facilitates not only the functional aspects of the design, but it enables refinment of the look and feel of the product as well.  The end result.... high quality designs at lower cost.  Acuere Technologies uses 3d design software that enables customer collaboration throughout the design process.