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Buliding a prototype is an important step in developing a good product.  The physical prototype enables you to touch, feel, and operate the product, and always leads to further improvements in the design.  Whether your product incorporates machined parts, plastics, steel weldments, or sheet metal, we can build your prototype and then incorporate the identified improvements into the final design. 


Many customers come to us with concepts they have been working on for a while.  Ideas that have been fine tuned over weeks or months, tend to be pretty solid.  That said, we've learned that it's still beneficial to review the concept for ways to improve function, reliability, human interface, manufacturability, serviceability, and cost.  Once satisfied with the concept. we can begin the detail design phase. 

Each project has it's own unique requirements.  That's why we tailor the development process to meet those specific needs and to minimize risk.  For many, lead time is a critical concern.  In these cases, we focus on quickly indintifying tasks that pose the greatest schedule risk, and establish a plan to execute those tasks as soon as practical.  Often, tasks can be accomplished

in parallel, thereby reducing the development time and cost.  

You may have heard the saying:  "The devil is in the details".  Another saying that rings true:      "A detail is the difference between something working ... and not working."  At Acuere , we're all about getting into the details.  As we create the 3d computer models of your design, many critical details come into focus.  The design software we use enables us to make sure your parts fit together as you invisioned.  Material research and selection is done during this phase.  2d drawings are created in cases where inspection of critical part features is required.  

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